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Payments Canada Developer Portal

RTR Sandbox API

The Real-Time Rail (RTR) will support faster payments 24/7/365 that are irrevocable (meaning cannot be undone), and use the ISO 20022 financial messaging standard for all transactions. The real-time movement of funds from one account to another will be a new capability for Canada. 

Participants on the RTR will be able to connect and develop new ways for Canadian consumers, businesses and governments to pay for goods and services, transfer money and better compete nationally and internationally. 

About the RTR Sandbox API

Payments Canada has now begun to release sandbox RTR APIs on the Developer Portal, and more APIs will be released iteratively as the build of the RTR progresses. These APIs will help businesses prepare for the launch of the RTR. RTR APIs are available for Payments Canada members only.

For additional information, please refer to our sandbox RTR API fact sheet.

Current sandbox RTR APIs

Code Samples / Postman Collections

Our public github repo contains code samples for a variety of programming languages and frameworks. Includes code integration to our sandbox APIs for basic applications. Useful for developers to picture the end to end (E2E) flow of an API. Included is a Postman collection which can be cloned and imported to your Postman application.

Disclaimer: Comes with no guarantee nor support and is not production ready.